I Beat Cancer - The Book

Give Yourself a 98 percent chance of beating Cancer..

That’s the success rate a distinguished German doctor told me he’s achieved with Cancer Remedy #2 in your copy of Natural Cancer Remedies that Work.

What’s more, you can safely take this rare plant extract for cancer prevention so you never end up a cancer patient. The report tells you where to order.

I know what I’m talking about, because my own beloved wife took this rare natural plant extract and held off a recurrence of her breast cancer. I’ve met the doctor who discovered Cancer Remedy #2, toured his clinic and talked to his patients.

And since I’m a medical journalist myself, no one’s going to pull the wool over my eyes – much less get me to recommend a treatment to my own wife unless it’s backed by solid science and clinical evidence with real-life patients. Like this amazing therapy...

Let Your Body Fix Itself

Establishment medicine has figured out that cancer is often caused by DNA gone haywire. Our DNA is damaged all the time by free radicals, toxins, pollutants and other attackers – every minute of every day!

Yet most of us don’t get cancer. Thanks to one of nature’s wonders, DNA can repair itself most of the time. It’s when your cells lose this ability to fix themselves that cancer follows.

Let me repeat, this is sound science, accepted by the medical establishment. What the medical establishment won’t accept is the discovery Dr. Olsztyn recommended to his son...

You’re being denied life-saving information: There’s no need to be scared of cancer anymore

The government and the medical establishment in North America are so hostile to natural cancer therapies, even alternative doctors shy away from the subject. It’s too risky. They could lose their licenses or even go to jail.

Some of these therapies are unavailable here. Others can be purchased here, but few doctors dare tell you about them for fear of lawsuits or FDA intimidation.

I’ve checked the writings of some of America’s most famous alternative doctors. At most, they mention only one or two of the ten revolutionary natural cancer treatments that I cover -- in depth -- in this Special Report.

Bonus Section - You can find and cure cancers up to 19 months before conventional medicine can detect them. Get the facts on the cutting-edge blood tests I describe in Chapter Eleven – common in Europe, almost unknown in North America.

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