Holistic Treatments

The question here is, can a Holistic Doctor do anything for a person with cancer? First, lets identify what a Holistic Doctor is. Holistic basically means treating the whole person, treating the imbalance that caused a specific disease. In this case there are a list of therapies that are used, some of them are:
  • aromatherapy
  • Ayurveda medicine
  • natural diet
  • exercise
  • counseling
  • herbal remedies
  • homeopathy
  • acupuncture
  • naturopathic medicine
  • bodywork
  • energy-based therapies
  • prayerful intention
  • Chinese medicine
the imbalance may be the result of mental, emotional, or spiritual needs not being met. No aspect (mind, body, spirit, or emotions) of a person is overlooked when an holistic treatment is sought.

Practical Use Of Holistic Treatments

Where does a person start if you have no contacts or knowledge about this alternative for cancer? The big question is money. If you have insurance that covers this alternative great, if not the out of pocket expense can make up your mind for you in a hurry. If money is not an issue then finding a good Holistic Doctor is your next step.

Referrals, trust and results are the key elements to finding a good practitioner. It's hard to imagine how one person can be the jack of all trades and from what is written many times you will be referred to other specialists. It will take a few sessions to discover what imbalances you have and how to remedy them.

We linked to a pretty good page that has the various definitions of the different types of Holistic practices. You can view it by clicking Here! There is also information about how to choose a doctor, a good doctor who knows what their doing is the key. When you treat the whole person you need to trace back the various areas of your body and find the ones that are not functioning properly. It could be a chemical imbalance which led to physical ailments further complicated by emotional dysfunction. You see how there all connected.

Modern Medicines Shortfall

It obvious that medical care can't keep up with sickness today, this is evident by the number of ill people. Unlike holistic treatments, modern medicine just treats the symptoms not the cause. This may very well be because of demand and money, they just can't keep up. This puts the burden on you to discover the alternatives and learn a better way to do self-healthcare. With the information you find on this site and other sources you should have a good idea about how alternative treatments can help you. Even Tumors can provide clues into the movement of cancer.

You can start here, search for a holistic or Naturopathic wellness center near you. Don't let the doctor be your last stop, review all the options, overcome cancer and get better.