Homeopathic Medicine

Developed over 200 years ago by German physician Samuel Hahnemann, is a good representation of holistic medicine. Homeopathic medicine, or homeopathy, was in fact a primary form of medicine in this country up until the 1920's with the advent of modern pharmaceuticals. Its basic tenet of "like cures like" was noted by ancient Greek physicians over two thousand years ago. And interestingly as well, the holistic approach to treatment was noted by the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, when he warned that "the cure of the part should not be attempted without treatment to the whole".

Homeopathy works through the administering of minute dosages of herbs, minerals, animal secretions or in some cases even diseased tissue in order to stimulate the body's own vital life-force for healing (similar to but still quite different from the western medical use of vaccinations). So from a tincture of the original substance in its raw form, which in some cases could even be poisonous, a homeopathic dilution is made which will then cure the same type of symptoms or response caused by the original tincture, thus like cures like.

How Successful Is Homeopathy?

A major factor in the success rate of homeopathy cancer treatment depends on the accuracy of the diagnoses of the cancer symptoms. This is important to enable the practitioner to find the best remedies for that specific patient and to address the disturbances in the body that is the cause of the cancerous condition. Homeopathy uses the same principles and standpoint when dealing with Vitiligo. This disease can be debilitating and homeopathy treatment for Vitiligo rests on proper and focused diagnosis of the symptoms external as well as internal for it to be a success.

That is why homeopathy cancer treatment treats the disease holistically to rid the body permanently from the cause. Many cancer patients have found that homeopathy cancer treatment is the far safer and the alternative treatment that is the most effective in the fight against cancer.

In general, natural alternatives are preferred because they tend to cure and not treat, and they don't damage other organs like drugs do. The caution here is finding a competent practitioner that will prescribe the correct blend and dosage of of ingredients.

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